Top 6 Resources for Teaching Pinyin



Pinyin, albeit essential, is a very difficult thing to teach. If I cast my mind back to when I first started learning Chinese, I can’t remember much more than boring and repetitive pronunciation drills and a very intimidating pinyin chart that never really made sense.

Here are some of the resources that have made our recent pinyin lessons a little brighter!

1. Popking 161 (aka. Jo Laoshi) has created a great introduction to Chinese tones

(Please note: This video needs to be edited for classroom use, some inappropriate language)

[raw version]



2. An introduction to pinyin and tones - Learn Chinese with YangYang


3.The retroflex sounds – The Pinyin Pirate

- By the Two Chinese Characters (great Youtube channel!)


4. An interactive pinyin chart



iTunes app store





5. TrainChinese pinyin app



Google play

iTunes AppStore





6. Bubble pinyin - a fun game in which you must listen to the octopus pronounce a sound, then pick the appropriate initial, final and tone. Created especially for second language learners.





Find it in the App Store here




Do you have any other great apps, videos or ideas?

Let us know down below!





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