FluentU: The Fun Way to Chinese Fluency!


If you haven’t already found FluentU, then go and check it out right now! Here’s the link.


Don’t worry, I’ll wait.



Back? Awesome, right?


It’s obviously designed for online, learn-at-your-own-pace students but I’ve used videos in several different ways in the classroom:

  • as stimulus to start a discussion – the focus was more on culture rather than learning all of the language
  • to complement the course work – there is enough scaffolding for students to go to the site on their own and learn from the videos
  • as coursework – we worked from the language in the video to create our own dialogue.

I love that as you’re watching, you can turn on either characters (both simplified and traditional), pinyin or English subtitles. If you’re unsure of a character, just hover over it and the video pauses for you to see the meaning of the word pop up. If you’re signed in, just click on the new word and it will be added to your vocab list.


Very clever.


I haven’t even mentioned the content yet! From simple ‘text book’ dialogues, to advertisements, music clips and short films, FluentU’s content is organised by difficulty or topic and is very easy to search.


Top reasons to visit FluentU

  • Awesome, realistic videos
  • Optional Chinese, Pinyin or English subtitlies (you choose!)
  • Check the meaning of a word by hovering over it in the subtitles
  • Automatically pauses video if you want to check the meaning of a word
  • Add word with one click to your vocab list
  • Great vocab building flashcards and quizzes
  • New ‘courses’, includes several video courses and popular textbook titles


What do you think of FluentU? How have you used it in your class?

Let us know in the comments below!



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