What’s the best card to have up your sleeve?

In my classroom? A flashcard!

The most amazing thing has been happening this year!

A massive amount of our beginning year 8 students are so motivated to study Chinese many are coming back at lunch to practice!

Can you believe it?

Not only are they participating happily and productively in class, they’re coming back in their own time for more! What have we changed?

Quizlet + iPads.

It’s a lot of fun! Quizlet is a fantastic flashcard website that makes it easy to create flashcards that include sound/pictures etc. Then, once you think you’ve nailed a flashcard set, you can play a range of fun games. Most of the games are timed and, at the moment, we have running competition of who can complete the ‘scatter’ game the quickest.

Check out quizlet here and let us know what happens in your classroom!




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